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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate. Also, begin to think about important things to consider when diving into your real estate search.

Question about selling

How long will the whole leasing process take?

We can start the lease immediately after initial inspection of the property.

Do you want the property furnished?

No, we will take the property completely unfurnished without appliances if not provided

If the tenant is on Housing benefit will the rent be paid directly to the tenant?

No, the rent is paid directly to Syndicate Property Group and you will be paid monthly in advance irrespective of whether we collect the rent from our tenant. We offer you guaranteed rent.

How much is the rent and is it negotiable

The rent is dependent on the number of bedrooms and condition of your property. The rent is negotiable and is fixed for the term of the lease (usually 20% below retail rent value). There is no
provision for annual increases.

Can I leave my integrated appliances - cooker, fridge etc.?

Yes, if it’s less than 5 years old you can leave your appliances in the property and we will maintain this for the period of our term.

Can you guarantee the condition of my property?

Absolutely, We will replace or fix any tenant damage to the property, except fair wear and tear and we will carry out only works that are our responsibility. We will not redecorate or re-carpet the property before handing back.

My property is in a high rise block - are you interested?

We will take on any properties so long as there is a lift which is in good working order.

Will the lease be renewed at the end of the term?

Possibly. The property would normally be handed back to you at the end of the lease. If, we are both happy to consider another term of lease, we will then renew our lease for a further 3 years.

I have an expensive house /swimming pool / greenhouse / Jacuzzi bath / hand-built kitchen, will I receive more rent?

No – we will not accept swimming pools, ponds and greenhouses, for health and safety reasons. We will not be responsible for items such as Jacuzzi baths, hand built kitchens, summer houses.

I am moving abroad to live and work, am I still able to the lease the property to Syndicate Property Group?

Yes, as long as you provide proof of ownership we can lease your property from you.

The property is registered in my maiden name and I have since married what Do I need to do?

We will need a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

I wish to terminate the Lease before the end of the Lease date, how much notice do I need to give?

You need to give two month’s notice as set out in the Lease but the final 18 months of the Lease must have lapsed. If 18 months have not passed you will not be able to have your property back. There will be a penalty for breaking the lease early equal to two month’s rent.

Who will you house in my property?

Syndicate Property Group will be your tenant and will sub-let the property to most likely city professionals. They will sign a periodic Assured Short-hold Tenancy agreement for a minimum of six months.

Who pays the Council Tax, water rates, and gas and electricity bills?

Our tenants are normally responsible for paying household bills, unless the Landlord is responsible for communal charges or district heating via a service charge.

What am I responsible for?

All external repairs (e.g the roof, gutters, drains), installations into the property (gas, electricity and water), buildings insurance, service charges and communal charges.

What type of properties are Syndicate Property Group looking for?

We are looking for any size of flats and houses in all areas of London in fairly good condition conveniently located for schools, transport links and local amenities. The rents may vary for flats and houses and we can possibly distinguish between style, age and location.

Frequently Asked Questions Hand-back of Property

At the end of the lease, a representative of Woodland Lettings will arrange to ‘hand back’ your property to you. The following are frequently asked questions on the hand back process. All hand
back of properties will be completed in person. Utility readings will be taken on the day of hand back and all sets of keys will be handed back to you.

When do I know that my property is ready to be handed back?

Our representative responsible for your property will notify you in writing and by calling you when your lease has 2 months remaining to expire.

How long is the notice period before property is ready to hand back?

The notice period is 2 months and you will be notified by a call and in writing when the property is ready to hand back. We will expect you to acknowledge this so that a date of hand back can be
agreed. The notice period of 2 month may be given when the resident is in occupation. There will be no more notice period given once the property is empty. If we are unable to contact you to arrange hand back of your property, the keys will be sent in the post and rent payments will cease from date of posting.

Can you guarantee the condition of my property?

We will complete repairs in accordance with the Lease but ask that you recognize that a property will have fair wear and tear after being rented out for 3 years, which is perfectly understandable. We will not redecorate or re-carpet before handing back the property.

When will I start being liable for the utility council tax bills of the property?

The date your property is handed back to you. On the day of the hand back we will take meter readings and remind you to advise utility suppliers and Council Tax. You will be responsible for ordering new gas cards and electric keys from utility companies where necessary.

What do I do with post for previous occupant/s?

Estate Agency advises that all post should be returned to sender and not to our office.

Can you provide the recent gas, EPC and electric certificates at the hand back?

Yes, provided the request is made to our team before the hand back appointment so that the certificates can be brought along to the hand back meeting. If the request is made on the day of the hand-back the certificates can be sent out to you via email or post.

I wish to terminate the Lease before the end of the Lease date, how much notice do I need to give?

You need to give 2 months notice as set out in the Lease but the final 18 months must have lapsed. If 18 months have not passed, you will not be able to have your property back. After the final
18 months have passed, you can have your property back, but there will be a penalty for breaking the lease early equal to two month’s rent.

Can I renew my lease for another fix ed term?

Yes, it is possible to renew your lease, please contact Woodland within the last three months of the lease expiring with your request to renew the lease.

What if I am abroad when the lease is due to expire?

You may send a representative on your behalf. Alternatively if Woodland cannot reach you by letter or telephone, we will send the keys back to you
by recorded delivery to your last known address. Rent will stop immediately or at the end of the notice period.